Aimpoint Acro P-1


I’ll admit to liking the challenge of shooting with iron sights, but I’m hardheaded. Nothing’s more satisfying knowing you’ve lined up your front and rear sights, creating perfect sight alignment, transition to proper sight picture, pressing the trigger just so, and striking your target.

With the advent of red dot sights, their instantaneous target acquisition makes things a whole lot easier. New shooters have proven they can shoot accurately in a relatively short period of time using them. Put one in the hands of an experienced professional, and we can really stack the deck for the good guys, right?

Aimpoint Acro P-1

“ACRO” is a testosterone-laden acronym for Advanced Combat Reflex Optic, although 99.9% of us will just call it the “ACRO” for simplicity sake. The P-1 means it’s numero uno for pistols, but it’s handy on carbines and shotguns, too!

In the world of accessory sights, small is best and the ACRO P-1 is the smallest enclosed system on the market. Being enclosed protects the emitter of the red dot from moisture and other environmental interferences, giving it more reliability.

This petite sighting piece was developed for pistols and other weapon platforms requiring a small, enclosed red dot system. It’s the only sight in its size category tested for shock, vibration, temperature span and other stresses.

Able to withstand 20,000 rounds on a .40 S&W caliber pistol slide, the ACRO P-1 is proven in ruggedness and reliability. Its small stature gives it versatility, making it perfect for either a primary, or secondary back-up sight.

Battery life of the lithium CR1225 is 1.5 years on 6 of 10 positions. Battery change is conveniently possible with sight still mounted on slide, not interfering with zero. The ACRO P-1 is NVD compatible and is submersible to a depth of 25 meters without compromise.

Mounting Solutions

The ACRO P-1 can be used on a variety of weapon platforms with a combination of many different mounting systems. Quick detachable mounts are available for Weaver and Piccatinny rails, along with a wide range of other adapter plates for optic ready pistols, and an adapter plate for Micro interface, allowing com


The Acro P-1 is 1.9” long, 1.2” wide and height is 1.2”. Weight is 2.1 ounces. The housing is made of high strength aluminum and finished in anodized matte black. The red dot is 3.5 MOA. MSRP is $660. For more details, go to: