Owner’s Promise

Owner Mike Rintoul started Grizzly Cartridge with the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing and selling the finest ammunition available with his personal inspection and overlook. This makes for the highest level of quality assurance and consistency. This same commitment has been passed on to the company’s Cast Performance line of LBT-style bullets.

For anyone who wants to try traditional lead bullets scientifically designed for premium performance — without the setup costs for casting and handloading — Grizzly Cartridge offers a great alternative. Give ’em try! You won’t be sorry. Grizzly also carries several other alternatives, as well as traditional jacketed bullet loads, too.

Sold in boxes of 20, .45 Colt +P 335-gr. WLNGC cartridges have an MSRP of $25.99.

For more info:
Grizzly Cartridge Company
Ph: (503) 556-3006


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