Gunnysack: Hi Viz Sights


This isn’t so much a product review of a specific sight from Hi Viz as more of a reminder to take advantage of this great technology. From more “conventional” fiber optic sights to combo sights blending tritium technology into the design (24 hours “on”), Hi Viz truly does lead the way with options and models for an amazing array of “fits.”

Their products are used as original sights on some manufactured guns, and as custom options on custom made firearms of all sorts. Got a 1911 needing new sights? How about your favorite AR or AK platform? Benelli shotgun? Henry rifle? The list goes on.

They also offer recoil pads, a wide selection of various shotgun sight ideas and even installation videos. Prices are affordable, and sights in the $35 to $60 range can cover most guns. I have Hi Viz sights on several of my personal guns and confess I can really see those bright points of light, making shooting easier and more fun as, um … I get a tad older!

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