MTM Case-Gard

Gunnysack On-Line!

Didn’t get enough in the print edition of Handgunner? Well then, here’s more to feast your gun-hungry eyes upon. Enjoy!

My first MTM products were the classic green cartridge cases I used when I first began reloading .38 specials about 50 years ago. Amazingly enough — or not amazingly enough? — I still have those three 50-round boxes. I think the lids have been opened and shut thousands of times but they still work fine, still clip closed and there’s no sign of wear or tearing in the plastic “hinge” on the lid.

Over the years has MTM branched out, now offering a huge range of plastic-based shooting products and accessories, from target stands, tables, rests and more, to a bewildering array of boxes of all sorts. I particularly like their handgun cases as they are affordable and rugged ways to store a lot of handguns in a safe, for instance. Their reloading accessories are pretty much all must-haves, and things like their digital scales, reload labels, primer flipper tray and logs really help you to keep things organized. Their cartridge display board can do more than display your cartridge collection.

Some shooters use them to keep “standard” reloads handy — marked with data — so you have something to compare to right at-hand. It also helps you to remember your favorite loads when they’re right in front of you.

But I think the backbone, most-used product from MTM — at least in my house — are the various cartridge boxes. The original simple boxes have been improved on and these days you can get a wild range of colors, handles, sizes and a huge array of calibers and shotgun gauge fits. The colors help to keep calibers or loads separated easily — for me, blue is .45 Colt, so I know at a glance. Like everyone I started out re-using the factory boxes but they soon wear out and get scruffy. MTM cartridge boxes start at about $2 (yup, two bucks!) for the Flip-Top boxes to fancier, more feature-rich models. But at those kinds of prices, why put up with torn boxes and disorganization? Plus, it’s a family-owned business and they’re great people.
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