SIG Air P365 Semi-Auto
Steel BB Pistol


If you’re like me, you’re constantly sneaking down to your gunroom or safe for a quick visit. You might even free a few of your friends to hold, fondle and check sight alignment, wishing you could shoot a few rounds … but you only have 15 minutes until dinner.

SIG Air Makes It Possible

Guess what? Now you can get in a little trigger time, without having to drive to the range. SIG Air now makes a replication of their popular P365, in airgun form. Called the SIG P365 Air Pistol, it shoots 4.5mm BB’s (.177 cal.), powered by a CO2 cartridge. It even has a 12-round drop magazine, which also holds the 12- gram CO2 cartridge.

Based On The Real Thing

Modeled after the award winning P365 SIG SAUER 9mm, the SIG Air Pistol has identical looks to its center-fire cousin, including similar weight and feel. Features include a full blowback metal slide, CO2 12-round magazine, large green front dot front sight and contrasting white dot rear sight. The SIG P365 Air Pistol even has a manual safety.

Perfect Training Aid

Now you have the ability to shoot for cheap with a CO2 cartridge-powered BB gun that looks, feels and functions like your favorite SIG SAUER P365 9mm without ever leaving the house. It’s perfect for training those who have never shot a center-fire pistol before since there’s no recoil or muzzleblast to contend with.

Shoot as much as you want, the steel BBs are less than 2 cents a round. The 12- gram CO2 cartridge drives the 4.5mm steel BBs up to 295 fps for a flat-shooting projectile.

Targets Of Opportunity

For years I’d shoot airsoft guns in my basement using a large plastic caramel corn bucket with a paper target taped over the opening. The airsoft BBs would penetrate the paper and collect in the overturned bucket, where they were retrieved and shot again.

By simply placing some rags or paper towel in the same bucket, the steel BBs can be collected the same way and reused.

CAUTION: Make sure no other children or pets are in the line of fire. This is not a toy and adult supervision is paramount when using the SIG P365 Air Pistol. At almost 300 fps, the steel BBs will surely penetrate the hide of any living creature.

The SIG P365 Air Pistol is a great way to train, or simply get some trigger time when you’re stuck at home with a few spare moments. MSRP is $99.99.

For more info:
Phone: (603) 610-3000