Taurus Tracker 692…

A 7-Shot Triple-Threat .38/.357/9mm

Taurus Revolver

We all love versatility in our guns and this year, Taurus is giving us revolver renegades something to really scream about. The Taurus Tracker 692 is a double-action revolver providing more versatility, with their dual cylinder system, giving us the option of shooting 3 different calibers from the same base gun. How cool is that?

Whether you need the raw power of a .357 magnum for your heavy-handed chores, or desire something a little more subtle, for light-duty paper punching, like the .38 Special, or 9mm, the Taurus Tracker 692 allows you to shoot all 3 cartridges from the same gun.

The low-recoiling .38 Special, or 9mm, is perfect for teaching children, or newcomers alike, how to shoot, while still having enough energy for home defense and personal protection with todays advanced ammunition.

Bulk 9mm ammo can now be had for under a dime a shot for plenty of plinking fun, too.

Taurus Tracker

Taurus Tracker 692

The Tracker is available in a compact 3” ported barrel configuration, perfect for concealed carry and home defense. The 7-round cylinder holds plenty of firepower to get the job done. Let’s take a more detailed look into this .38/.357/9mm double-action shooter.

Taurus Tracker

Easy To Do Switcharoo

Changing cylinders out is as easy as opening the cylinder, pushing a button, pulling the whole crane assembly out, and then replacing it with the cylinder you want. No tools required! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The Tracker 692 can be fired either single-action, giving a much lighter trigger pull, after cocking the hammer, or double-action, for fast, repetitive shots. The gun has a transfer bar safety, meaning it won’t shoot unless you pull the trigger. It also allows for the safe carrying of 7-rounds of ammo.

The Taurus Tracker comes in either matte stainless steal, or matte black finishes. The front sight is pinned, for easy swap out and rear sights are adjustable for both windage and elevation. The cylinder thumb-latch is checkered and pushing forward releases the cylinder. Grips are Taurus’ Ribber Grip, a soft and comfortable ribbed rubber material that feel great in the hand and help absorb recoil. The ported barrel effectively reduces muzzle-rise and recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots on target.

Priced right, to buy, enjoy, shoot and protect, the Taurus Tracker 692 gives you many ways to enjoy your shooting pleasure, while still being able to defend and protect you and your loved ones.

Taurus Tracker


Weight of the 3” barreled Tracker is 35 ounces, overall length is 8.14”, height is 5.66” and width, a scant 1.5”. The 692 is a medium sized wheelgun. 2 Stellar clips are included for use with 9mm ammo. Both cylinders are clearly marked for caliber.

MSRP is $659 for matte stainless and $609 for black finish. For more info, go to: http://www.taurususa.com