That Gal, Karma

To prove truth is always better than fiction, Insider Online introduces readers to Seattle radio host Paul Gallant.

Several weeks ago, Gallant took a swipe at President Donald Trump for having complained about violent disturbances in the Jet City. He went on Twitter with this message: “Walked through it (the city) last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging or deaths.” He advised the president, “Chill, dawg.”

Leap ahead to the weekend of July 25, which saw Seattle rocked by yet another violent riot in which 59 police officers were injured. There were improvised explosive devices thrown at cops (one blew a hole in the wall of the police precinct building), along with rocks and bottles. Someone tried to torch a Starbucks coffee shop, above which is an apartment Gallant calls home. It was an “epiphany moment.”