A Love Affair

I had five years with my Ruger Service-Six and I learned how to get pretty good with it too. I learned about shooting double-action and was almost as accurate that way as I was single-action. We were never allowed to shoot single-action, though — never! Cops shoot DA, period.

This revolver started my love affair for handguns, one growing and expanding immensely over the years. While I could never give up rifles, and to a lesser extent, shotguns — or even muzzleloaders for that matter — handguns are a favorite.

While loving semi-autos and double-action revolvers, as well as single-shot handguns, my hands down favorite handguns are single-action revolvers. Their simplicity, strength and good manners appeal to me. Like an old farm horse, you know them and they know you — so there’s no fuss.