1791 Gunleather's Holster

So Comfortable You Forget You're Wearing It!

I never imagined concealed carry could be so comfortable. I had nearly resigned myself to the fact concealing my favorite carry gun, a petite Kimber Micro .380 ACP, was going to have some limitations. I had found some off-body holsters that worked well as well as ones integrated into clothing, but nothing I could truly wear comfortably all the time. 1791 Gunleather’s Smooth Concealment Holster is the very first IWB holster I’ve forgotten I’m wearing.

Constructed of 100% certified American soft cow-hide and lined with suede, this holster isn’t stiff like other leather holsters I’ve seen. Supple, yet sturdy, each size fits several similarly sized firearms. Stitching is reinforced and an American steel clip faces outward for strong-hand carry. This holster is available in both right- and left-handed configurations in night sky black.

I wear this holster inside the waistband on my right side. A smooth flap of leather separates the gunmetal from my skin while an open top allows for easy access and draw. This holster can be worn with a belt or without one —as long as the pants aren’t too flimsy—though it is much more secure with a belt. My Kimber slides deep into the holster, the trigger guard protected from catching on anything. It’s not a Kydex or custom fit holster, so a gun won’t stay intact if you’re hanging upside down from monkey bars, but with a belt it will hold through vigorous activity and tumbling. (I tested this with our dog at home.) Worn properly, I can jump up and down with the holster and move freely without worrying the gun will come loose or fall.

For me, there’s an extra reason I love this holster. I first became acquainted with 1791 Gunleather in June of last year at the Professional Outdoor Media Association’s annual conference. I spent some time with Janette Palmer, National Sales Manager for 1791, who kindly walked me through the various options available and how they might be able to fit my lifestyle. She truly went above and beyond, taking the time to learn about my life as a Type I Diabetic and how it can sometimes make concealed carry complicated. I wear a small device on my abdomen called a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that reads my sugar levels and sends them to my phone. While this device is very handy, it’s made finding a holster that doesn’t knock into it, compress it, or hurt to carry difficult. To my great surprise, the smooth concealment holster fits the bill. Paired with my small gun, the extra flap of leather against my body keeps the grip just far enough away from the CGM to alleviate the issue.

Before you say it doesn’t matter, I understand this seemingly small victory doesn’t or won’t apply to many of you, but the point is still there. This holster is extremely comfortable and compact, whether you have anything you have to work around or not. No matter what you select for concealed carry, it’s important to remember it needs to be reliable, comfortable and fit your lifestyle, whatever challenges yours includes.

MSRP: $44 with a Lifetime Warranty

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