Safariland Schema IWB Holster


Sometimes less is more, and the Schema IWB holster from Safariland is a great example.

With a skeletonized outline of the holster frame, the Schema has a smaller footprint than traditional IWB offerings to optimize concealability. The optics-ready minimalist holster designed for subcompact firearms offers superior functionality with a reinforced mouth, allowing for seamless firearm holstering. The firearm-specific design creates an exacting fit, further secured by Schema’s passive trigger-guard retention.

Schema is currently available for the SIG SAUER P365 and P365XL, Taurus G2C and G3C, GLOCK 43 and GLOCK 43X, Springfield Armory Hellcat and Shadow Systems CR920. It will work with Romeo Zero, RMR CC, Shield RMS, Shield RMS-C, Swampfox Sentinal, Hex Wasp, Holosun 407K, Holosun 507K, J-point, Crimson Trace 1550, or similar optics.

Price: $39.99