Dummy Guns

The use of a dummy gun is perfect for teaching these basics at home. A dummy gun can be an empty BB gun, or toy gun, the child is familiar with. From here, you can go over the basics of sight alignment, trigger press and sight picture. Explain how the gun they are going to be shooting works. Go over the loading and unloading of the gun, how to make the gun safe while the gun is loaded, and what ammunition goes into the gun.

I bought my daughter an air soft pistol, which was great for teaching her how to rack the slide, aim, and work the trigger. Each shot required racking the slide to shoot another round, so she was learning proper gun handling and familiarity at the same time. In layman’s terms, she was getting comfortable with it.

Test and quiz them by asking questions. Make it a fun, but informative process. Kids are sponges when it comes to taking in information. If they seem disinterested, stop! Do they really want to learn to shoot, or is it you wanting them to be a shooter? There’s an important difference here. There’s nothing wrong with waiting a few weeks or months later, to continue with the lessons as a true interest develops.