Fix It Sticks Field Toolkit
For GLOCK Handguns


Fix It Sticks introduces its Field Toolkit designed specifically for GLOCK handguns. The kit includes all of the following in a compact, easily portable carrying case.

• Ratchet T-handle w/locking hex drive

• Mini all-in-one torque driver

• 3/32″ pin punch

• 1/8″ pin punch, steel pick

• Cleaning brush bit

• Channel liner installation and removal tools

• GLOCK sight tool

• GLOCK magazine base plate removal tool

• Battery cap tool

• Brass rods (2)

• Set of two 8-32 adapters

• 10 Electroless nickel-plated bits: T8, T10, T15, P1, H2.5mm, H.050″, H1/16″, H5/64″, 3/32″ extended bit (for adjusting hard-to-reach screws on optics), SL6mm