Galco FasTrax PAC Elite Waistpack

The Fanny Pack is Back

As much as we’d like, gunleather and gym shorts just don’t go together — for numerous reasons. There are simply times when wearing a heavily stitched leather gun belt with our favorite holster isn’t practical, but we still need to conceal a sidearm on our waist.

Enter the fanny pack. Yes, those blinding neon and animal-print waistpacks with the zippers and buckle in the back. Remember those? First seen in the 1980s before becoming a popular fashion trend in the ’90s, fanny packs have since fallen out of style despite a few attempts in recent years.

That is, until Galco introduced the new FasTrax PAC Elite.

Surprise Inside

With black full-grain leather construction and an adjustable, buckled waist strap, the Galco FasTrax PAC Elite is a simple but clean-looking waistpack designed to complement and accessorize today’s casual clothing. But there’s a surprise inside ready to pounce.

With the simple pull of the top zipper and an activation cord, the waistpack opens to reveal a holstered subcompact pistol, loaded and at the ready. But how’s it do it?

Situated on a person’s right or left hip between the 1–3 o’clock or 9–11 o’clock position, the wearer uses their dominant/grip hand to unzip the zipper while their non-grip hand pulls straight up on the activation cord. The activation cord is attached directly to the holster secured inside the waistpack, which pivots to present the gun for the now-freed grip hand to draw. And, with a little practice, it happens fast!

If you still can’t grasp how the FasTrax PAC Elite works, Galco has a great video guide showing the waistpack in action and I recommend watching it.

Comfort Features

As with all holsters, if it doesn’t fit and it isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear it. To address these concerns, Galco designed the FasTrak PAC Elite waistpack to be worn on both a shooter’s strong or weak side for a traditional or cross draw, and made the holster reversible for right- or left-hand use.

Galco also backed the waistpack with Comfort Cloth, a soft and breathable performance mesh allowing for prolonged exposure against the body. The stretchable waist strap is also adjustable up to 50″ for a personalized snug fit and makes use of a Nexus buckle for quick on/off functionality.

Inside, the FasTrak PAC Elite’s holster compartment is lined with premium center cut steerhide, and fits popular small-frame semi-auto handguns and revolvers, including the Diamondback DM380/9, GLOCK 42, 26 and 43X, Ruger LCP and LCR, SIG SAUER P365, various Smith & Wesson J-Frames and more.

Meanwhile, the outside front-zippered pocket is large enough to fit keys, wallets, flashlights and most phones. The waistpack also features a convenient pass-thru port for corded earbuds and other cables.

MSRP is $99. Two denier nylon models, in black and black Multicam, are also available for $79. The fanny pack is back, folks!

For more info:, Ph. (800) 874-2526

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