Okay, so let’s say you’ve invested $800 bucks or more in a fancy hunting revolver. Maybe put $500 worth of scope on it too. Then spent another $200 on hunting ammo to zero it and to practice with. You’ve also upgraded your hunting gear, took time off from work, and maybe even paid some guide/outfitter fees — all to go on “That Dream Hunt” you’ve been putting off for years. In all honesty now, why on earth would you scrimp on a good holster to carry the core piece of gear assuring you of a successful hunt?

But people do it all the time. I see $2,000 worth of carefully selected and curated handgun riding in $25 worth of crappy nylon all the time. Please….

This particular Galco was actually bought by my friend, Joe Davies, for a hunt just like the one we’re talking about. He had a great S&W hunting revolver, a top quality scope and hunted long and hard in the snow with his gear. And Joe didn’t scrimp on a good holster. “It made toting the brawny Smith easy and comfortable,” he told me. He had spent time on my place here zeroing the gun, and I handled the holster/gun set-up while he was visiting. I’ve used the model before, but I was once-again reminded of the sheer “no-holds-barred” quality and craftsmanship Galco puts into it. It smells like leather should, too.

The Kodiak — at around $230 — is about 1/4 the cost of Joe’s revolver. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s about what you should spend on a good holster for your handgun. Spend $500 on a 9mm auto? Good, now spend $100 or $150 on a good holster. I know it hurts. So does losing your gun during a hunt — or fumbling a draw when you need your gun most.

I especially like the Kodiak design because it allows two suspension methods. The holster can either “hang” off your shoulder, with a cross strap to keep things in place, or you can route it so it sort of crosses your chest putting the gun a bit more horizontal. I find the cross-chest method to be most comfortable. There are many ways to customize the fit, and you can also add an optional ammo carrier to the system. And, like anything beautifully made, I promise you’ll have great satisfaction in simply enjoying this wonderful piece of genuine leather gear. As it gathers scrapes, scratches, wear marks and some patina, it will also assume the role of official documentarian of your hunts and adventures. For more info: Galco Gunleather,, Ph: (800) 874-2526

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