Sticky Details

The StukOn-U’s Gripper Shell exterior grabs the inside of your pocket, preventing any shifting or sliding as you go about your daily business, while the holster shape breaks-up the outline of your pistol to prevent obvious printing. Lined with a 420 denier packcloth layer for both protection and smooth draw of your gun, a closed-cell foam substrate provides sturdiness and shape on the outside.

Designed for front pocket carry in pants or jackets, the StukOn-U keeps the gun in the same orientation so grip familiarity can be established and maintained. The Gripper Shell, along with a learned “hooking” draw technique that catches the holster’s edge on your pocket, also assists in separating the gun from the holster with a one-hand release when presenting.

Pocket carry offers several advantages over traditional belt carry, including ease, complete concealment and stealth. It’s less threatening to casually stick a hand in your pocket and ease your gun out if a non-specific threat prevents itself. This is where being aware of your surroundings pays off: One in your hand beats two in your holster.