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Pocket Holster


Great American Leather Company, better known as Galco, has been a leader and innovator in the industry for 45 years making classic leather and more modern Kydex holsters. This year, however, they have something new up their sleeve, or more specifically, their pocket.

With the abounding number of sub-compact handguns coming into today’s gun market, pocket carry is becoming a viable option for many armed citizens, especially in warmer weather. It’s also a dandy way to carry a backup piece for your bigger primary shooter.

Galco recently released their StukOn-U holster for those who pocket carry their packing piece.

Sticky Details

The StukOn-U’s Gripper Shell exterior grabs the inside of your pocket, preventing any shifting or sliding as you go about your daily business, while the holster shape breaks-up the outline of your pistol to prevent obvious printing. Lined with a 420 denier packcloth layer for both protection and smooth draw of your gun, a closed-cell foam substrate provides sturdiness and shape on the outside.

Designed for front pocket carry in pants or jackets, the StukOn-U keeps the gun in the same orientation so grip familiarity can be established and maintained. The Gripper Shell, along with a learned “hooking” draw technique that catches the holster’s edge on your pocket, also assists in separating the gun from the holster with a one-hand release when presenting.

Pocket carry offers several advantages over traditional belt carry, including ease, complete concealment and stealth. It’s less threatening to casually stick a hand in your pocket and ease your gun out if a non-specific threat prevents itself. This is where being aware of your surroundings pays off: One in your hand beats two in your holster.

Pocket-Size Price

The Galco StukOn-U is an affordable and viable way of carrying your favorite pocket rocket. With an MSRP of only $27, there’s no reason not to save your pistol from unwanted dust bunnies and pocket fuzz — which could possibly disrupt function — as well as avoiding a potential discharge by not carrying it in an appropriate pocket holster.

The StukOn-U is available for many makes and models of sub-compact pistols, including the GLOCK G42, Ruger LCPII, SIG SAUER P365, new Springfield Armory Hellcat and others.

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