Gunnysack: Meprolight Foresight


Think of this as an “ultimate” dot sight — only better. It’s bigger than most pistol-sized sights, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on, say, a hunting handgun, short rifle, one of the new generation of “wrist-braced” AR pistols, a defensive shotgun, a hunting rifle or any number of other options. They key here is the Foresight’s ability to interact with an app for your smart phone. It’s also got a USB-rechargeable built-in battery with a huge life.

Some basic features are, amazingly enough, an “automatic” zeroing feature you can use with the app, a shot-counter (on a future software upgrade), over 20 reticles to choose from, you can “hold” profiles for different guns you mount it on, frequent firmware updates and a choice of red or green reticles. The low power battery option really cranks up the display time too. We’re talking “days” of use.

At anytime, you can scroll through five reticles you’ve chosen, see the digital compass in the display, use the sight-leveler (good for rifle work) and note the shot counter. The display is large, clear and bright and is nicely managed with both eyes open. The display also adjusts automatically for ambient lighting conditions. I tested the Bluetooth zeroing feature while the Foresight was mounted on a single shot big-bore handgun and it worked great. It can also be zeroed using the built-in software and touch buttons on the sight itself.

At about $650 MSRP, I know it’s not cheap. But think of it as a sight you can mount on many of your guns and suddenly the “per-gun” cost goes way down. Why put a $99 cheap red dot on a gun when you can mount a rugged, feature-rich sight like the Meprolight Foresight for about the same cost — if you share the duty with other guns you own? For more info:

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