The Test

Taking my two .22 pistols into the backyard, I decided to put them to the test. This is easier said than done and it took several failed attempts to shoot acceptable groups off a rest.

I first set the barrel of the pistol into the base of the nest rest. It made it difficult to get a proper grip on the pistol, but the sights stayed relatively stable. I started with the Ruger SR22 and transitioned to the Browning Buckmark. I fired five shots with each gun with SK pistol match ammunition. After two shots, the Buckmark slipped into the second groove, throwing the remaining shots. My first mistake was having nothing to support the rear of the pistol. The second was not having anything for the barrel to rest on.

I didn’t realize this at the time and instead decided to balance my hands on top of the rest — admittedly less stable but allowed for a better grip. This time, I fired two 10-shot groups. The Buckmark grouped nicely, an approximate 2" group at 15 yards. The Ruger group was slightly larger, with vertical stringing. I did notice I jumped the trigger some.