Handgunner Editor Picks: 1791 Tactical IWB Holster


Tired of following passed-along hearsay, I’ve been trying appendix carry myself to learn the real pros and cons. The folks at 1791 have a nifty Tactical model ideal for front of body use.

The Kydex IWB holster features a wide belt clip that’s adjustable for both ride height (critical for comfortable appendix carry) and cant angle in case you want to experiment with different positions. A molded-in wing under the pistol grip jams against the backside of your belt, drawing the grip in closer to the body for better concealment. Retention is excellent, and adjustable, and the cut allows room for a red dot sight. I’ve been using a model for the SA XDs Mod. 2 with great success. 1791Gunleather.com

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