Secret Backpacks

One major player in the game is 5.11 Tactical. Two products catching my attention for off-body carry are their COVRT18 backpack and their COVRT Satchel. These provide the ability to blend into a crowd, since they look like ordinary packs you see people carry every day. I wouldn’t give them a second glance if someone carried one near me. And that’s precisely what you want. While the bags remain innocent in appearance, both have 5.11’s TacTec System compatible hidden pistol pocket for safe yet quick access to your firearm. The COVRT18 is comparable to a full-size backpack and even provides a cushioned space for a laptop or tablet, plus others for glasses and other must-have items. The smaller COVRT Satchel is a cross carry or over the shoulder design with less bulk. Both provide ready made solutions coming in multiple colors.