Dealer Confirms ‘First-Timer’ Report

The following is an email received from a firearms dealer regarding Insider’s recent “New Gun Buyers Experience ‘Epiphany’ During Pandemic” article.

I have been working in a retail gun store now for many years and have been through the Clinton and Obama scares that resulted in increased gun sales.

I understood the reasons for buying guns, because they could be banned and gun owners are wanting to get the gun of there dreams or a backup before they can't. What I find disturbing and different this time with the in-home lockdown scare is there is a different customer buying guns.

Several customers were first time owners — never held, fired or understood a gun. The fear in their eyes and voices alarmed me and in three cases I really tried to talk these customers out of buying a gun, trying to explain that this is a lethal weapon and your unfamiliar understanding of its operation makes this a danger to you, your family and possibly a friend. I suggested pepper spray, bear spray and wasp spray as a non-lethal weapon, but only got the response "I am not leaving here without a gun".