Modified to accommodate two different locking modes, the Sport ARS can function in an “open” or “closed” mode. Open mode relies on friction for retention, reducing activation time for a faster draw, while closed mode adds active retention by way of a standard thumb release for added security. The holsters also feature an adjustable retention screw to ensure a perfect fit.

Speaking of perfect fit, the holsters support three different attachment methods for personalized carry. Pre-installed with an offset drop belt plate which mounts a pistol below the waist and away from the body for increased speed, a Quick Locking System (QLS) adapter and carry holster plate are also included for easy load out changes and non-competition use.

Made from black carbon fiber weave aerospace polymer, each holster is precision molded and features a large front speed cut to facilitate an efficient draw while also accommodating a wide range of slide mounted optics and sights without obstruction or loss of speed. Growing in popularity in all shooting disciplines, red dot sights are common among shooters competing in carry optics and open divisions.