Behind Your Back!

The classic dare, no? Shooting strong hand or weak hand only is more difficult, but you’d be surprised how achievable it is if you slow down. Be prepared for wobble on account of losing your stabilizing hand but resist the urge to “snatch the 10-ring” by yanking the trigger when everything seems perfect. Contrary to what it seems, a slow and deliberate press when your sights look just okay will yield better hits than a sloppy pull when the sights seem perfect.

With your weak hand, it’s important to think more critically and deliberately about fundamentals, since everything is going to feel more alien. Nothing comes automatically here — probably why so few shooters practice this — but it’s a good test of whether you can apply what you know you should be doing. Accept even more wobble than you’d care to abide and slowly increase pressure with what feels like a stupid and useless index finger until your shot breaks.

Note that of all the “trick shots,” one-handed stuff is by far the most practical. If you ever need to fight for your life with a handgun, one of your two hands might be holding a flashlight or a cell phone. A hand might be placed protectively in front of a loved one or pushing against an attacker. In the worst of cases, one hand might simply not work at all if previously stabbed or shot. Knowing you’ll still be able to shoot in such conditions is very comforting!