Best Practice? Not Shooting!

The majority of defensive practice can and should be practiced “dry.” Thousands of proper repetitions are required to learn a sequence where you’re mentally performing at a subconscious level. Dummy weapons like plastic “Red” or “Blue” guns, inert training rounds and devices like DryFireMag’s “Reset” magazines are mandatory for banking the required repetitions. After your initial investment for gear, dry practice is easy and cheap. The experts, knowing way more than we’ll ever understand, agreed 90% of practice should be done without firing a shot. Take their advice. Everyone can devote 15 minutes a day for dry practice.

Practice is performed slowly, methodically working through the various steps of a sequence. Speed is your worst enemy. If you’re making mistakes, slow down. Efficiency, not speed, is the goal. Slow, deliberate, mistake-free practice with no wasted motion makes you efficient. Speed or quickness develops with time and repetition.

Training, practice and fighting are performed at a speed that’s mistake free.

“Verbalization” is an excellent technique to slow your brain down. The mind cycles through sequences quicker than we can physically perform. Verbalization, saying each step out loud as it’s performed, slows down conscious thought and helps implant the proper steps.