Hunting With The 10mm Auto?


Glock 40 10mm with Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Note grip
reduction/texturing and enhancements by Robar.

With the resurgence of the 10mm, semi-autos are becoming more prevalent in the field. When I see the growing supply of quality 10mm ammo, I know there’s a driving force somewhere — and that somewhere is you. There are some really fine hunting pistols available for this under-appreciated cartridge, and customizing one of them is fun, to boot!

The new Gen4 Glock Model 40 is a bit different from previous versions, with a longer, 6″ barrel and optic-ready system. The G40 in MOS Configuration (Modular Optic System) is chambered in 10mm with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. For those handgun hunters who enjoy semi-autos, this package may just be the ticket. The G40 incorporates Glock’s MOS, providing a user-friendly platform for mounting reflex optics. Mounting the new Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is so easy even I can do it. If you want to shoot the pistol with iron sights, no problem, it’s ready to go.

Shooters needing or preferring optics, though, can quickly mount any number of popular reflex sights without expensive gunsmithing services. Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro comes with a 2.5 MOA dot and makes a superb optic for woods hunting. This quality reflex sight is equipped with eight illumination intensities — an asset for changing light conditions.

Mark really likes the Diamond D Custom Leather Guide’s Choice
Holster and has been carrying one for years.

Custom Touches

So, how do you make a good pistol better? Enter Robar Technologies. The G40 grip was too large for my hands and I wasn’t crazy about the trigger. I sent the gun to the talented craftsmen at Robar for some enhancements and boy, that was a smart move. The Glock returned with much-appreciated improvements including frontstrap and backstrap reduction with medium grit texture, high grip modification, trigger work, NP3 finish and higher suppressor sights. Robar’s NP3 and NP3+ non-reflective finish is very corrosion resistant and can be plated to all internal parts leaving the action smooth as silk. The NP3 provides high lubricity and reduced friction wear.

The high grip modification simply removes material from the bottom of the trigger guard where it joins the frontstrap. This allows the shooter’s hand to be placed slightly higher on the grip, providing improved control. The Ameriglo suppressor plain black sight aids co-witnessing Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro optic. The grip reduction with medium grit is a most welcome feature as I can now shoot the G40 comfortably under any climate condition. Overall, the combination of these custom Robar features turns this Glock in to a mighty fine hunting pistol.

Carrying the G40 with Leupold optic installed is a piece of cake using Diamond D Custom Leather’s Guide Choice Chest Holster. This leather secures the Glock comfortably as it rides across your chest. It’s simple and easy to adjust providing expeditious accessibility, never interfering with your clothing or gear. For hunters, hikers, or fisherman, Diamond D’s well-made holster is ideal. I have worn the Guides Choice holster for long periods and consider it a great option for the Glock.

Hunting For Ammo

Quality ammunition — including hunting ammo — is readily available in 10mm. For several years I’ve been shooting Hornady’s 180-gr. XTP, Buffalo Bore 200-gr. hard-cast, Double-Tap, Cor-Bon, Winchester and Underwood offerings. Recently I have found Federal’s 180-gr. Trophy Bonded JSP, HPR’s 180-gr. JHP, and Sig Sauer’s Elite Performance 180-gr. V-Crown to shoot well on paper. There’s not a doubt in my mind — all mentioned ammo will hammer a hog or deer with no issues.

For practice and plinking sessions, ammo from American Eagle and Armscor in their 180-gr. FMJ offerings get the nod. At the range, it was no surprise to find the G40 digested a variety of brands without incident, and many 25 yard groups were inside 2″. Thanks to the Leupold DeltaPoint and good ammo, several 50-yard groups were inside 3″. Simply great accuracy.

Handloading the 10mm Auto is simple and just like any other straight-wall pistol case. My Redding T 7 turret system rolls out handloads ready for the range or field. Frequently I shoot 180-gr. bullets from Nosler, Sierra and Hornady in quality Starline brass. One of my favorite, everyday loads consists of 9.2 grains of Bluedot with CCI primers and has proven accurate from a variety of 10mm pistols.

For whitetail deer I perfer the 180 grainers but there is certainly nothing wrong with heavier slugs. When chasing big mean hogs, I’m usually shooting Buffalo Bore or DoubleTap’s 200-gr. hardcast bullets.

This over-looked cartridge has found a well-deserved spot in my arsenal, and rightfully so. If you haven’t already, give the 10mm a chance. It’s powerful, easy to shoot in an auto, accurate — and can easily do double-duty as a protection gun. I call that versatile, and something you can’t always say about hunting handguns!

For more info: Robar Ph: (623) 581-2648

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