John Wayne’s Colt Single-Action Army Revolver Up for Auction

.44 WCF Featured in True Grit

Rock Island Auction’s expects John Wayne’s personal Single-Action Army Revolver to bring between $20,000 and $40,000 in October 2021’s Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction. While any firearm owned by the American acting legend fetch high prices, this revolver is extra special. Wayne used the .44 WCF and included holster rig in several of his films, including True Grit.

This piece was not Wayne’s only or first Colt Single-Action, but his favorite. It was shipped August 7, 1909, incorrectly listed as a Colt SA Bisley Model. The gun was altered for Wayne, outfitted with a 4 ¾” Bisley “quickdraw” barrel and cylinder in .44 WCF. Ivory-looking grips, replacement grip straps, and an oversized trigger guard were also added to accommodate Wayne’s large hands. The two-piece grips, made out of a Catalin plastic material, were intended to appear ivory on camera and had finger grooves matching Wayne’s hand.

The belt rig not only holds several .44 WCF cartridges, but a single .45-70 Springfield trapdoor cartridge. Wayne carried this round in tribute to American soldiers who fought in the Indian Wars.

Replicas of this six-shooter are available, but only one person can own the real one that became John Wayne’s trademark handgun.

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