Laugo Arms Alien Pistol

Its Long-Awaited First Contact

Every once in a while, a gun comes down the pike that makes us take pause. In the case of the Laugo Arms Alien, it has gun owners in awe as if it had, well, come down from outer space.

Actually manufactured in the Czech Republic, Laugo Arms is yet another example of the European country’s reputation for high-quality firearms. Look no farther than Česká zbrojovka — better known as CZ — that Laugo worked with upon their start in the early 2000s.

After branching out on their own and forming Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia in 2017, the company sought to design and manufacture revolutionary firearms. The Alien 9mm pistol is their first to make human contact.

First Of Its Kind

Do you think extraterrestrials look like us? While the Laugo Arms Alien resembles a CZ75, it has several unique features truly making it out-of-this-world.

Taking a new approach to semiautomatic handguns, Laugo Arms designed the Alien without the use of “obsolete locking mechanisms or normal trigger mechanism.” A gas piston delayed blowback pistol, the Alien features a 4.8″ fixed barrel with what is advertised as “the lowest bore axis in the world” at 1.7mm (0.03″) below grip axis and a slide with reciprocating sides. The upper/middle part of the slide, fitted with iron sights or optics cut, remains stationary.

Combined, these design innovations create a low center of mass for an operation that generates a measured muzzle flip of only 5 degrees for faster follow-up shots and exceptional accuracy. As a comparison, most compensated race guns in this class average a muzzle flip nearly three times as much. Also helping keep the pistol flat when shooting is a two-part alloy frame and weight of nearly 2.5 lbs. when loaded.

Innovations aside, the Alien is just a cool-looking pistol. It sports futuristic, aggressive serrations on the reciprocating slide and a tight checkering pattern on the front-grip to provide an aggressive griping surface. Also notable, the magwell is flared for competition reloads, the trigger features a blade-style safety and an accessory rail sits under the frame for the mounting of lights and lasers.

Alien Signature Edition

To bring the Alien stateside, Laugo Arms joined forced with Lancer Systems of Quakertown, Pa. and agreed to produce a limited run of just 500 Signature Edition pistols, each engraved with a signature of Chief Designer Ján Lučanský.

Packaged inside a custom hard case, Alien Signature Edition pistols will ship with three 17-round magazines, an enhanced magwell, both a standard iron sight and an optics-ready top rail, a Laugo 6 MOA red dot, an Elornis adjustable competition holster and a cleaning kit.

However, first contact comes at a price. Available now for pre-order, getting your hands on an Alien Signature Edition package will cost you $5,000, with half going towards a deposit reserving your pistol. The remaining balance will be charged when it arrives at Lancer and ships this spring.

I know, it’s pricey, but how do you put a price tag on this level of quality, innovation and versatility? After all, this may be your only chance to see an Alien.

For more info:, Ph. (610) 973-2600

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