A Chance Meeting

Then, after this 15 years of futility, and turning a lot of good money into a lot of really inaccurate noise, I decided a while ago to take a hard look in the mirror and address the fact all along I had been ignoring one fundamental underlying problem with my handgun shooting.

I inherited a lot of good qualities from my mother — honesty, integrity, a weakness for cheap crime novels — but I also got something from her I could have frankly done without. Doctors call it Benign Essential Tremor. In the scheme of things, it’s not a particularly terrible affliction. There are many, many worse things one can suffer from. When I received the diagnosis from my doctor I immediately picked up on the fact the first word in the name of this problem is “benign”, as in “nothing to really worry about”.

However, while it doesn’t in the least bit interfere with my enjoyment of my family, my work or my other pastimes, that tremor sure makes it difficult to hold a handgun rock-solid and hit that X ring (or any ring sometimes…). I plumbed the depths of the internet looking for solutions — decaf, no-caf, beta blockers, slings and rests and so on, all to no avail. I just wanted to be able to hold my handguns out there like we see skilled shooters do in the pages of American Handgunner and elsewhere and be, well, slightly competent.