Lee Precision APP Is A Winner

Powder Coated Bullets Done Easy

My shrewd farmer family roots are obviously displayed by appreciating a bargain for what it’s worth. Not worrying about brand names or what others think has saved me a bundle over the years, while still happily getting the job done. It’s the main reason I like Lee Precision products so much.

Not only are they a bargain, but they get the job done — and often times better than a competitor’s more expensive product. I think 90% of my loading dies are Lee’s, and I’ve cast thousands of bullets with their molds, including the most accurate bullets I’ve ever shot.

Here’s my Lee APP set up and ready to roll. The first bullet is resting on the riser, nose down,
ready to be swept away to the sizing bushing.

Pull, Press, Repeat

Despite my love for Lee, even I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP). In a nutshell, it’s a self-feeding press that allows the operator to simply pull the power grip handle while sizing cast bullets, sizing and de-priming cartridge brass, or de-crimping primer pockets from brass.

Working much like a Magna Star Lube-sizer, the APP pushes bullets through a sizing die from the top by use of a top punch on the down stroke of the lever and dropping the sized bullet below. However, the Lee APP has the advantage of a self-feeding bullet system at a fraction of the price of the Star Lube-sizer. And sizing dies for the Star Lube-sizer are 5-times the price of Lee bushing dies.

So far, I’ve sized thousands of Powder Coated bullets using the Lee APP. Simply put, I love it! And it’s fun to use, which is great, because when asking any bullet caster which task they dread the most, they’ll tell you it’s sizing bullets. But not anymore!

Raising the Power Lever pulls the riser back, capturing the bullet from the feed tube.
Pulling the lever down sweeps the captured slug to the throat of the sizing bushing.

Fear No-More

My worries about the APP stemmed from using traditional Lee Push-Thru sizing dies on my RCBS Rock Chucker press. Thousands of sized rounds later though, and I can tell you all worries I had were for naught.

The leverage on this press is amazing. I mounted my APP onto a piece of 2”X10” board so I can easily clamp it to the kitchen table and size bullets while watching Westerns or hunting shows on TV. While my wife is away, that is.

Bullseye! The bullet is ready to be seated. Your sized slugs are then neatly captured in the plastic bottle below.


The Lee APP works to our advantage for a couple of reasons.

First, the APP can use your old-style Push-Thru sizing dies, and the new bushing style sizer is smaller and half the price of the old-style Push-Thru sizing dies. I probably have over 20 old-style Push-Thru sizing dies, so this makes me very happy. But at $10 a pop for the new bushing sizer, it won’t break the bank. I think Lee wanted to make it easier to cast, load and shoot by offering better, easier products that are actually lower in price than original equipment. And they did!

Second, your sized bullets are neatly captured in a clear plastic jar for your convenience. You can also use the APP without the feed tube by simply plopping your unsized cast bullet into the bushing throat and pulling the handle down, which pushes the bullet through with the sizer punch.

If you’re looking for a fun, fast and easy way to size your Powder Coated bullets, size/de-prime your brass or swage your brass having crimped primer pockets, I highly recommend you make the small investment in a Lee APP. You won’t be sorry!

For more info:
www.leeprecision.com, Ph. (262) 673-3075

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