Maglite Bundle Packs


Let there be light! Everyone needs a good flashlight for many reasons — security being at the top of the list. After all, how are we to identify potential threats before we can assess the situation? Whether professional, or homeowner, Maglite offers a variety of products for your needs.

Maglite makes throwing light on the scene easy with their bundle packs. With 29 different bundles to choose from, Maglite won’t leave you in the dark. I’ve been a Maglite fan for over 35 years, having carried their rechargeable flashlights for 28 years as a street cop.

All our vehicles have full-size flashlights in them, and I have several smaller flashlights I carry for hunting. Here’s a sampling of bundle packs to help enlighten any bumps in the night for you.

Home Protection Bundle

This bundle is geared for the homeowner. It includes an ML150LR LED rechargeable flashlight kit, Gerber multi-tool and home risk assessment checklist. It covers the basics, for basic needs.

ML 150 Road Tool Bundle

Every car should have an emergency kit in its trunk at all times, including a good flashlight. This kit includes an ML 150LR rechargeable flashlight with a red safety wand for traffic direction, should you breakdown. An AA battery mini-Maglite comes in handy for map reading or lighting up smaller nooks and crannies.

EMT Bundle

Geared for the paramedic/first responder, this kit includes an XL50 LED light with holster, Mini Maglite AAA Spectrum series and a Gerber Multi tool. It covers all your emergency needs.

Field OPS Bundle

This bundle is for the professional in security work, or outdoor enthusiast. It features a Solitaire LED AAA light, a ML50LX LED 2C, Gerber Multi tool, ML25LT LED 2C light, mounting brackets and a red safety wand.

LE Pro Bundle

This bundle is for the Law Enforcement officer. Includes an LED ML150LRX rechargeable flashlight system, Solitaire LED light and a red safety wand. There’s also a second charging cradle, allowing one for your vehicle and one for home charging.


Maglite’s products are built to withstand the harshest, most rigorous conditions and designed to fulfill the needs of professionals who use them on a daily basis. Tough, strong, bright, reliable are words to describe the attributes of Maglite products.

Available in LED, or incandescent light models, rechargeable, or battery operated, Maglite has the product for your personal and preferential needs. I’m a personal user of Maglite products and appreciate their quality. For more information, visit

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