Target Loads

When punching paper, there’s really no need to shoot heavy sixgun loads. Target loads are an economical choice for shooting. One of my favorite .38 Special loads involves a Lee 130-grain radiused flat nosed slug over a mere 3.0 grains of Bullseye powder, sparked by a standard small pistol primer. Velocity is a scant, recoil free 700 fps. This load is the obvious step for new shooters, after getting the basics down in form, function and accuracy, from shooting a .22 rimfire sixgun.

Using 4.0 grains of 231 with the same bullet, or one up to 150 grains, goes around 800 fps with just a touch more recoil. It too is a good training load and enjoyable for beginners to shoot. The Lyman 358477 is an excellent bullet for these loads and a favorite of mine.