Maybe it’s just because I’m getting miles on the frame, but belts tend to bother me lately, which is why I often favor a softer belt and always use suspenders. But the Nextbelt line is very unique. It doesn’t have the classic pre-spaced holes but uses an innovative sort of cam/ratchet and track system (the track is on the back of the belt) to give you 1/4" adjustments. You can fit your belt to the size you want by trimming, then locking the buckle to it. It’s a simple, rugged and comfortable system using high quality components.

They make a sort of military-looking nylon version and lots and lots of leather versions, including fits and designs for women. Each belt fits up to a 50" to 67" waist depending upon the model, and you can trim them to fit precisely. I’ve been using the design in two styles for about six months and they work as advertised. The nylon one is my favorite and is a bit “softer” than the leather. Either are rugged enough for carrying though, and are in the $65 to $75 range.