Nighthawk Custom
Drop-In 1911 Trigger

An “All-In-One” Trigger Job

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Try not to be too jealous, but I’ve had an early production model of Nighthawk Custom’s hot new honest-to-gosh drop-in trigger system for 1911s.

This isn’t a blister-pack of parts — hammer, trigger, sear, disconnector, etc. — but a “chassis” unit with the hammer, hammer strut, sear, spring and disconnector already installed. You literally drop it into a 1911 frame the same way you’d install separate parts, but it’s fast, easy and 100-percent predictable.

The drop-in parts ride on integral hollow roll pins allowing the stock pins to pass through, assuring perfect alignment with the parts inside of the unit. And you use your existing hammer and sear/disconnector pins to hold it in.

The result is essentially a custom action job. Interestingly, the traditional three-armed sear spring set-up is replaced with a supplied single-armed spring only controlling the grip safety action. The steel housing secures Nighthawk’s Fully Machined (FM Series) stainless steel components, machined from premium-grade 416 stainless steel billets — no castings or MIM parts here.

If you’re familiar with drop-in trigger kits for AR-style or bolt action rifles, you’ll feel right at home with this Drop-In Trigger System. I’d recommend you view the videos on their website offering an overview of the system, installation tips and some history. Custom pistolsmith Mark Dye has been developing this system for the past 10 years and has worked closely with Nighthawk Custom over the past two as he and the company invested thousands of hours into research and development. The unit is in production and available now!

I’ll be installing my test unit into a 1911 for some hands-on shooting and doing a follow-up video so you can see what we discover right along with us!

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Get all of your gunsmithing tools at by clicking here.