Packing the Semi-Auto,
and the Wheelgun


There are many criteria to consider when choosing a hunting handgun. The game to be hunted, the terrain involved, and the shooting distance anticipated all enter into the decision-making process. The majority of hunting handguns revolve around single shots and revolvers of some description. However, there is nothing wrong with semi-autos for certain game and circumstances. But how to carry?

The 10mm Auto can be an effective round for wild boar.
Semi-autos are often utilized for hog hunting, especially
when the action is up close.


I do not hunt a lot with semi-autos. In the past, I have hunted with the 10mm Auto in various models of semi-automatics. Normally, when chasing wild hogs and the action is up close and sometimes personal, the semi-auto makes a good choice. When hunting in the woods for whitetail, where shots will be inside 100 yards, the 10mm Auto will work just fine, especially with premium ammunition like Federal’s 180-grain Trophy Bonded JSP. Other worthy contenders in factory ammo for hunting boar and whitetail include Double Tap, which offers a variety of loads, and Hornady’s Handgun Hunter.

One of my favorite semi-autos for hunting is a GLOCK 40 MOS fitted with a Leupold Deltapoint Pro. With a 2.5 MOA dot, this optic is ideal for hunting and fits nicely on the slide. The GLOCK has been Robar enhanced with grip reduction and other worthwhile embellishments. It runs as smoothly as the finest European race car and never jams or malfunctions.

The Denali LIGHT Chest Holster provides a great option for
carrying a semi-auto with optic and light. Diamond D Outdoors
continues to offer quality and practical carry systems for the outdoor lifestyle.

Diamond D Holsters

One of my self-inflicted challenges is finding the perfect holster system to carry the semi-auto. I’ve tried a variety of hip holsters, even cross-draw systems. Several years ago, I discovered a holster that carried the semi-auto safely and most comfortably, even if I was trying to keep up with a pack of hounds in hot pursuit of a big, mean, nasty boar.

When I first learned about Diamond D Custom Leather, a premium leather crafter out of Wasilla, Alaska, I immediately procured one of their offerings. Miles later, after hiking in the backcountry with both semi-autos and revolvers, I have been very pleased with the comfort of Diamond D Custom Leather. Their Guide’s Choice chest holster, one of several models they offer, simply works great, keeps the handgun at the ready if needed, and is most comfortable for all-day pursuits. These holsters were crafted with quality leather and field-tested in Alaska’s fishing streams, mountains and tundra.

Wheelgun Rigs

Well, if that wasn’t good enough, Diamond D Custom Leather’s sister company, Diamond D Outdoors, introduced their Denali HUNTER Scoped Revolver Holster for those wheelguns up to 8⅜” barrels with scopes. It was an overwhelming success with outdoorsmen and women alike packing revolvers such as the Taurus Raging Hunter, Ruger Redhawk, Colt Anaconda, S&W’s Performance Center Model 629 .44 Mag Hunter, and many others. It was designed to take the weight and burden of a heavy revolver off the hip or shoulder. Five-round .460/.500 reload, or six-round .357/.44/.454 ammo reload came standard. These ballistic nylon holsters were not only as comfortable as the Guide’s Choice chest rig but also a little less expensive. The ability to pack a scoped revolver in this holster was most welcome for many, and the holster covered the scope for protection. The retention strap is attached with Velcro on the inside so it can be adjusted. The holster system itself is easily adjustable to fit all sizes of body types.

This GLOCK 40 MOS has been highly embellished by Robar and topped with a Leupold Delta- point Pro.

Nylon Options

Not resting on their laurels, Diamond D Outdoors recently launched a new ballistic-strength nylon version called the Denali LIGHT Chest Holster. This holster is designed for semi-autos that not only accommodate a reflex sight but also a tactical light under the barrel. Customers were asking for a chest holster for their semi-autos with optics and accessories attached. Diamond D Outdoors listened and delivered. This is an ultra-light designed holster with a universal fit for up to 6″ barrel length. If your semi-auto doesn’t have a 6″ barrel, no worries; an optional foam insert is available to fill space if needed, which will allow a custom fit regardless of barrel length or size of light attached. A magazine pouch also comes standard for a quick reload if things go south. The safety strap can be adjusted to accommodate different designs as well. This has been a very practical, no-nonsense and user-friendly manner to carry a semi-auto.

As my wife and I drive around the farm in our side-by-side, we occasionally bump into a coyote out meandering in the fields. Since we’ve been working on food plots and other farm-related chores, I’ve been reluctant to pack a sidearm. After about the third coyote we came across, I started packing the GLOCK 10mm auto, and it remains at the ready inside the Denali LIGHT chest holster. This system is most comfortable and keeps the gun protected with easy access. The next coyote we see will not be so lucky.

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