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As a cop, I knew the value of good training and fortunately, my department supplied it. During those pucker factor moments, your body’s dumping mega doses of adrenalin, preparing you for the prehistoric fight or flight response. During stress, we all revert back to our training. With no training, you’ll be standing flatfooted, with the “deer in the headlights” look.

It doesn’t have to be that way … get some professional training. Ideally, you’d go to a training site with live-fire training with experienced instructors. Sure, money, travel and time are factors, until now …

Welcome to Panteao Productions

The next best thing to actually being there are training videos, and Panteao Productions has them! Ranging from pure beginner to salty shooter, Panteao Productions has the right training for you from their extensive library. The instructors are former cops, military and Special Forces and experienced professionals who willingly share their knowledge in an easy-to-understand format.

If you need to go over something again, simply rewind and watch it over as many times as it takes in the privacy of your own home until you understand the concept. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Panteo video


Panteao has free beginner videos under their “Intro to Firearms” section. Topics covered include basic gun safety and handling with children; concealed carry permit and intro to concealed carry; intro to handguns and handgun care.

As with any good training, a foundation is built as you continue climbing up the hierarchy of more specialized training. Don’t skip the building blocks at the beginning. These videos are free to watch, so take advantage.


This is the biggest thing you can take away from any training: Forget about guns, ammo, knives and any other weapon out there. The brain is the most powerful, dangerous and useful weapon you have. Learn how to use it properly, along with the other above-mentioned weapons.

Specialized Training

As your training progresses, more specialized topics are covered in the “Daily Essential” series. Again, professional instructors share their mind and skill set with you for your survival.

Panteo video

Personal Defense

Here, proven combat shooting essentials and enhancing your combat shooting skills are covered, along with stopping power. “Col. Jeff Cooper’s Defensive Pistol” craft series, Volumes I and II, are also available.

Panteao Productions Produce Results

Empty-handed defense is available, along with shooting drills, edged weapons, tactical training, precision shooting, competitive shooting, armorer skills, hunting and medical topics are also covered in these instructional videos.

While nothing takes the place of actual live-fire instruction with scenarios as part of your training, these videos will get you thinking and answer all the “what ifs” out there. Remember, your brain is your most dangerous weapon! Learn how to use it through these videos!

Panteo videos

There’s More

Panteo Productions even has videos on food preparation called “From Wilderness to Table” demonstrating how to process and store wild game and fish, or can veggies from your garden. Lastly is a series of videos on fitness for any level. Doing anything is better than nothing at all!
Most videos are $19.99 for DVD and $14.99 for video download.

For more info:
Panteao Productions
Ph. (800) 381-9752


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