Pick Your Poison

Depending on your home situation depends on how you can have different guns stashed throughout your home, vehicle or workshop. Unless you’re constantly carrying your EDC at home — and there’s nothing wrong at all with that, in fact, I encourage it — having something stashed makes perfect sense. You never know when it might come in handy, and when it is handy, it’s usually not under good circumstances.

Do you have a gun handy by the front door, maybe a coat-closet cannon? Shotguns come in real handy for discouraging unwanted guests. How about your favorite easy chair? If some misplaced miscreant came charging through your front door taking you by complete surprise, would you be able to defend your family?

You’ve just finished dinner after a stressful day at work and are ready to relax in your workshop. While puttering around the workshop, you notice a suspicious vehicle drives down your lane. What do you do? Suppose you turn around and a complete stranger is standing behind you? It happens. Maybe some simple bells on your door to alert you of someone entering your shop is all it would take to give you the drop on any unwanted drop-in?