The heart of the Rebel Plus Kit is the single-stage Rebel Press. Made of heavy cast iron with a wide opening, it provides the space, strength and leverage needed to easily re-size fired brass and seat bullets with repeatable precision. It also sports a wide base for greater stability and an ambidextrous handle for those lefties out there.

Also included is the Uniflow III Powder Measure and Advanced Powder Measure Stand for consistently charging cases throw after throw. Meanwhile, the 1,500 Grain Pocket Scale allows you to calibrate charges with extreme precision. Provided stainless steel calipers for measuring brass length and cartridge length also aid in overall accuracy.

The RCBS Hand Priming Tool is just the ticket for seating primers properly, letting you “feel” the primer bottom out, and the Pow’r Pull Kit is a reloader’s best friend for salvaging both bullet and powder charge when an inevitable mistake is made. To further limit blunders and ensure the safety of your ammo, Speer’s latest Reloading Manual #15 acts as a reloader’s bible, offering information and load data for the majority of cartridges today.

The Rebel Plus Kit also ships with a bundle of tools to set you up for success, including a powder funnel for charging cases with powder, a fold-up hex key set, an accessory handle with case-neck brushes for cleaning/lubing case necks, primer pocket brushes, a deburring tool, a case loading block with case slick spray lube, six die-lock rings and shell holders (#3, #4, #10, #16 and #27).