Real Avid Gun Tool AMP Pistol and 1911 Tools


I have to confess, these sat on my desk for a while before I cracked the seal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Real Avid tools, having used them for years. I’ve just got plenty of tools already in use. My mistake. The new Pistol and 1911 tools take handy and durable to a new level.

Some of the niftiness comes from the “sheath” design. Both the primary tool and the “sheath” are themselves independent tools. The carrier packs an extending bit driver and an assortment of bits. The 1911 sheath stores the most common bits (flathead, Allen and Torx) for this platform while the standard pistol tool contains a revised “general handgun” selection, including a Phillips head.

The primary tool itself is full of goodies. Solid pocketknife, an assortment of hex keys, a pin punch, carbon scraper, pick and variety of nut wrenches.

Bottom line: All this weight and heft in a portable package is sheer goodness for your range bag.

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