No Stopping Power?

To cure the “lack of stopping power” simply use defensive ammo. Prior to modern HP ammo, most everyone used military type ball ammo, designed to penetrate without transferring much of its energy into the body. Some used “wadcutters,” a pure lead round with a flat nose, which was supposed to expand, but often didn’t penetrate enough.

Pair up modern defensive ammo with a revolver — which come in impressive calibers — and you’ve got a proven package. Just keep in mind no pistol does a good job of stopping threats. Multiple shots — usually three to four — will probably be required. However, .357 and .44 Magnums do perform better than other calibers, including the various autos. As long as you do your job, the five-, six-, seven- or eight-round revolver has plenty of ammo, so capacity isn’t an issue, particularly for home defense.

Revolvers, regardless of caliber, are very accurate, even short-barreled “snubbies.” Numerous documented situations have shown the revolver — in the right hands — is capable of making “long” shots to end the fight. They’re also ideal for close quarter situations, like in your home where distances can be compressed and tight. The attacker is literally on top of you. You jam the weapon against his ribcage and press the trigger. With a semi-auto the pressure against the threat’s body can push the slide out of battery and the pistol will not fire in this condition. With a revolver, especially shrouded/hidden hammer revolvers, if you can press the trigger, the cylinder will rotate and the hammer has free travel — it will fire.