Thoughtful Design

At a feathery 10.6 oz. unloaded, it’s forgotten in a pocket. Mine weighs 14.3 oz. loaded with 11 Black Hills HoneyBadger .380s, which is what I carry in it. The grip frame has good texture on it and is only about 0.2" wider than the LCPII. Frankly, it’s just barely bigger enough to be more comfortable — and it fits in all my LCP II holsters. The edges of everything are softened a bit, the sight picture is bold and easy to see, and the slide has “ears” on the rear to help with manipulating it.

Ruger says they’ve improved barrel cam geometry, delaying unlocking, slowing the slide and ultimately reducing felt recoil. Some people complain about “snappy” recoil in pocket .380s but I’ve never found that to be the case at all, and the LCP II and MAX are, frankly, fun and easy to shoot. Don’t be askeered.

They’ve also improved the magazine feed lips, feed ramp and made the magazine release reversible. The slide locks back on an empty mag, too. As I transitioned from my LCP II to the new MAX during a shooting session, I kept ticking off reasons why the new MAX simply felt better in the hand, was easier to manipulate, easier to shoot and just as easy to carry. Sometimes “new and improved” just means a new color — “Now in Dark Earth!” — but in this case, new and improved really means just that. Well done all around I say.