Steel, Steel And More Steel

The slide is made of quality stainless steel and a choice of a natural or black nitride finish is available. Rear serrations offer a positive grip for slide manipulation. The all-steel, fully encapsulated recoil spring system makes for easier breakdown and reassembly. A steel slide lock coated with Zytel provides an extension for ease of operation.

The SCCY CP-3 is an internal hammer firing system, supplying a double-action-only trigger pull and internal firing pin to prevent negligent discharge if dropped. Plus, there is no external safety.

While this pistol is accurate, it’s not a match-grade target gun. Rather, it’s a personal defense packing pistol, as the smooth, consistent 9lb. trigger pull attests.

The internal hammer allows snag-free, uninterrupted motion should the need to shoot from a coat pocket ever present itself. The steel rear sight is adjustable for windage only, and has a locking screw once you’re sighted in with your favorite ammo. The three-dot sight system facilitates a fast sight picture and target acquisition.