shooting back checks out bad guys


Because some communities really really don’t want to get shot up, they are preparing — seriously preparing — to shoot back if some miscreant psycho decides to attack them with live ammo. We’re talking here about, for example, orthodox Jewish communities, recent victims of anti-Semitism, a 5,000-year-old scourge seeming like it will always be with mankind.

Why anti-Semitism is raising its ugly head a little higher now may be a subject for a good discussion, which might be satisfying, and intellectually stimulating, but this won’t make you any safer, and they know it. It’s also a reason to consider tactics and strategy, and live ammo. And with its head raised up like that, it makes itself an easier target — unless you’re prepared.

While talkers are talking and leftists are preparing to disarm the innocent “for safety,” the truly wise are preparing to recognize the signs of imminent threats, dangerous individuals lurking, and how to fight back with no notice provided at all. The government-run “public” school system, sorry to say, is absent without a doctor’s note.

You see, this is the ultimate problem with background checks, which we have been reviewing in this column for the past several issues. Background checks can’t save you. They won’t disarm the 100 million people who are already armed. Leftists and background-check promoters haven’t figured this out — or they know and don’t care, which is worse? They can’t disarm the criminals who are already bad actors, or they would have. Muslim jihadis don’t give a rat’s ass about your new paperwork and enhanced databases, or new rules including everyone except them, and people who get missed (including everyone already armed). The bad actors just want to murder and wreak havoc.

Only one thing will prevent this. Armed might. The NRA knows this, while the mainstream narrative fabricators cluck their tongues and hurl insults at them — and bad guys hurl lead. The Bloomberg-led forces of darkness mislead, deceive and guide their useful idiots down gilded paths with promises that can’t possibly be met. Pollyannas incomprehensively lobby for approved-size-only ammo magazines “for safety.” Smart potential victims have figured this out, reject billionaire Bloomberg and his highly armed army, and are developing resistance plans of their own.


No, I won’t be discussing those plans in any detail, but I can guarantee you they are putting them into place. Targets are being hardened. Even plainly clothed congregants are learning about directed observation, pattern recognition, spotting things out of the ordinary. Profiling, which is a good thing, used by police and everyone concerned for safety in a dangerous world, is being taught. Left-wing denials of valuable profiling tools have been summarily rejected. The Jewish community is not alone in this either and all manner of religious organizations are protecting their flocks.

Chains of command, who and when to report what to, little things that, when combined, can and will make a difference — these things are happening.

Communication strategies go so far beyond anything you might imagine. I think Alexa or other listening devices you have unwittingly invited into your home make old-time (legitimate!) fears of Big Brother look like Mickey Mouse fantasies. Dangerous lone strangers are facing a new threat to their safety, to which they are virtually unaware. The Rabbis know who is armed in the congregation, pastors are participating, priests are privy to reports. Training is taking place. Our good old Second Amendment is being exercised. This is a good thing.

While democrats and the leftists are increasing their disarmament pressure, using murderers and sociopaths for leverage, the (literal) target market is wising up, saying Never Again! and putting iron in those words. Coalescing power into a small number of government hands, the leftist model, is exactly what free people do not want to do.

Use government and police forces as allies? Of course, that’s smart, they are at risk too from socialists and the rest of the dangerous misguided lot. Those of us who are wide awake understand we are the first responders any time an incident breaks out. If we’re unarmed, at least break out the tourniquets, QuikClot and trauma packs, from defensive positions. Known positions. Near egress.

It’s criminal to allow a threat the size of the one America faces to go unheeded. If a handful of scholarly, devout, mild-mannered religious types can do it, then certainly our schools could take an equally principled stand. Why aren’t they?

Surely teachers (and their unions!) must realize the threat is real, imminent and omnipresent, and no amount of new legislation is going to save children in the short term — if ever. One wise pundit opined we can save ourselves with the laws we already have on the books. He’s right.

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