Handling Options

Most long guns — with the possible exception of pump shotguns — benefit from a sling that lets you free your hands from the gun without losing it. In the law enforcement or military world, this makes for an easy transition to a holstered sidearm, but most people will not be in full battle rattle when they go check out the strange noise downstairs. It’s more likely you’ll need a hand free to open doors, hold a flashlight, or use hands-on defensive tactics if appropriate. Not to mention pushing the gun forward against the pressure of a sling is a long-known technique to help stabilize short subguns.

PTR’s 9CT comes with a sling loop on the receiver end cap, as well as a single-point bungee-type sling. Unfortunately, it lacks the traditional sling loop usually found on the side of the front sight base, but this can be easily replicated by using a stock takedown pin with a sling loop in it, which can be installed on either side of the gun for lefties. While I’ve used modern single- and two-point sling designs from Magpul and others, there’s an elegance to the original MP5 sling. They hold the gun close into the body and are still readily available as surplus. For the curious, that odd little clip on the side of the magazine well is designed to hold the sling in place against the gun.