Simply Rugged Holsters

Tough As Their Name Says They Are

Simply Rugged’s Tan Cattleman with border stamping is a, well, “rugged” field holster!
A Ruger Single-Seven is hiding inside.

As the story goes, Rob Leahy started making holsters at his kitchen table because he was having a difficult time finding the perfect fit for his S&W N-Frame. While experimenting with different designs and leather, Rob soon discovered he could stretch some high quality leather using a design similar to Roy Baker’s Hidden Thunder Pancake. He eliminated the thumb break, incorporated thicker leather, and made the holster to cover more of the gun with a few other modifications. It wasn’t long before his kitchen and living room became over-crowded. Today you’ll find Rob and a crew of talented hide-stretchers producing some mighty fine shucks from their 1,600-square-foot facility in Arizona.

For me, there are two considerations when choosing a holster. Safety is paramount, and comfort — can I carry the gun all day? — critical. I’ve found Simply Rugged Holsters to win my confidence in these categories. There are other things which may affect your own holster needs, but if any leather gear doesn’t get beyond safety and comfort, I don’t need to look further.

The Build

Rob uses full-grain cowhide from Hermann Oak to build his holsters and accessories. The holsters are hand-molded, with the end result providing a snug fit securing the gun reliably. Whether I’m riding a horse, running after a pack of hounds in hot pursuit of a wild boar, or doing farm chores on the tractor, I’ve always found Simply Rugged holsters keep my handgun secure. The design is simple and the leather is rugged — heck, that sounds like a company name to me.

Several unique options I appreciate include converting the holster to IWB if you like. Personally I like the oxblood — a rich cordovan — while some of my friends prefer a natural oiled tanned option. Of course plain black is offered too. If you want a touch of bling, Rob offers border stamping, basket weave, fish scale stamping, floral carving and shark skin to name a few. If you feel the need for a hammer strap, no worries, Simply Rugged will accommodate. There are many options available to fit the majority of handguns.

One of my favorite shucks is the high-ride Sourdough Pancake offering a most comfortable method of carrying a large revolver. The leather completely covers the handgun with three 1.75″ belt loops. This design can be worn strong-side or crossdraw at a 45-degree cant. It has an open bottom so dirt and moisture can pass through. You can even add Rob’s removable “inside-the-waistband” straps for an IWB carry. This holster is a favorite for many handgunners packing a large-framed revolver. Rob’s Silver Dollar Pancake is simply a scaled down version of the Sourdough.

Sourdough Pancake (left) and a Scoped Revolver Holster. Both can be used in conjunction with the Chesty
Puller chest harness. Versatile Ammo pouch hiding between them.


For concealed carry, they offer their Cumberland or Cuda holsters. Heck they offer many other models including the Texas Pancake, Cattleman, Shootist, Field & Stream, Tribute, Scout and more. Got a scoped, hunting-style revolver? Simply Rugged has it covered, in a creative way, I might add. Rob’s Chesty Puller suspension system is designed to accept one of their pancake holsters. Basically this is a set of straps to suspend the pancake holster on your chest. The straps connect through the belt slots on the pancake holster. I have used this system with 1911’s and scoped revolvers on many hunting excursions and it works like a charm! The Chesty Puller — named after a highly decorated Marine General — features a very simple design providing versatility to your existing holster.

Simply Rugged provides leather accessories such as their Real Man’s Gun Belt made out of a single layer of leather. They also offer a belt in laminated leather with either making a perfect combination for any Simply Rugged holster. There’s also leather ammo pouches, cartridge slides and speed loader pouches in single or dual options. I’m fond of the Most Versatile Ammo Pouch which holds loose cartridges or speed strips. The simple yet practical pouch holds seven rounds of .357 Magnum or eight rounds of .32 H&R Mag. This neat little item goes with me everywhere.

If you haven’t met him, Rob is a gentleman and great American. He employs veterans who are highly talented hide-stretchers. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is first rate. When you’re in the market for high-quality leather without a lot of pomp and pageantry, Simply Rugged provides an efficient holster and the accessories you need.

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