As a young police officer, we were issued Ruger Service Sixes, chambered in .38 Special and used Winchester +P 158gr. lead semi-wadcutter ammo, commonly called the FBI load. With six in the cylinder and two speed loaders, we were limited to 18- total rounds. While the wheelgun is capable of stellar performance, times eventually changed and criminals started carrying high capacity 9mm semi-autos and traveled in large groups.

To combat the superior firepower criminals obtained, police departments also transitioned to high capacity 9mm semi-autos. It was commonplace to carry a pistol capable of having 15+1 rounds and having another 30 rounds on your person in the form of two extra magazines, if needed. Sure, the tactics basically stayed the same, and a well-placed shot is your best defense, but it sure is reassuring to have 46 rounds of ammo, compared to just 18.