Speer Gold Dot 200-grain 10mm HP


Vernon Speer has provided rifle bullets, and later, handgun bullets to reloaders since 1943. In the 1960s he started loading those bullets, starting the famous Speer Lawman series. Today, Speer Gold Dot ammunition is one of the most trusted duty ammos in law enforcement.

Three Principles For Bullet Success

Expansion, penetration and reliability are what’s needed for quality defensive handgun ammunition. Law Enforcement and armed citizens alike demand a bullet built to perform. Speer’s Gold Dot line of defensive ammunition is just the ticket filling these criteria. There’s a reason it’s a favorite among law enforcements agencies across the country.

Each Gold Dot hollow-point cavity is tuned by caliber and weight, ensuring optimal expansion. The hollow-point cavity is formed in two stages. The first establishes how much the bullet can expand, the second controls rate of expansion. The patented two-step cavity formation provides Speer engineers incredible control in this design process.

The final production stage ensures each bullet has a smooth profile to enhance feeding in semi-automatic handguns.

Tested Performance

Speer Gold Dot ammo has been tested to ensure it exceeds the most stringent of tests developed by the FBI for service-class handgun cartridges. Testing validates performance in penetration, expansion and weight retention, in both bare ballistic gelatin and gelatin shielded by common barriers.

Trustworthy Bond

Exclusive manufacturing processes bond the jacket to the core, one atom at a time, providing maximum expansion and 100% weight retention, while having great accuracy in most guns. What more could you ask for? I personally know several handgun hunters who’ve successfully taken whitetail deer with the 10mm Gold Dot load.

It’s In The Details…

Every Speer Gold Dot round features a specially alloyed lead core formed into a Uni-Core projectile electrochemically bonded with its jacket. The finest nickel-plated brass is used with clean burning propellants and ignited by reliable CCI primers, for the finest clean-burning, reliable duty ammunition available.
MSRP is $38.99 per box of 20 rounds. For more information, visit Speer.com.

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