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Vintage Series


Versacarry is expanding their leather options with the Vintage Series. The water buffalo leather in the series goes through a special tanning process to give it a stylish look and a durable finish. Vintage leather is now available in the Guardian Holster and Underground Belts. The optics compatible Guardian OWB holster now features three designs: the Luna, Horizon and Arc Angel (in photo). Holsters and belts are offered in several color combinations. MSRP: $54.99 for the Arc Angel holster. For more info: (979) 778-2000,

Bold Action XV

Bear & Son

The Bold Action XV automatic knife (AC-1500-AIBK-B) has a sleek design with a 14C28N Sandvik steel reverse tanto blade. With an OAL of 7.625″ and weighing 2.6 oz., the knife features a super smooth action and an aluminum handle with a dark-as-night finish. It is equipped with the Bear OPS locking mechanism to prevent unintentional deployment. MSRP: $179.99. For more info: (256) 435-2227,

1875 Outlaw Revolver

Taylor’s & Company

Taylor’s & Company has added the 1875 Outlaw Revolver to their Lifestyle Series. Taylor’s & Company partnered with Uberti to create this faithful reproduction of the 1875 Remington single-actions that kept the solid frame and overall styling of Remington’s 1858 percussion models. The 9mm revolver is offered in 7.5″ and 5.5″ barrel lengths. It has a smooth walnut finish and an all-blued finish, forged steel frame with a rear frame notch and fixed front blade sight. MSRP: $669.75. For more info: (540) 722-2017,

Finisher Pro II Vest

Blocker Outdoors

The Finisher Pro II Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo comfortably manages your crucial hunting tools. The vest has many customized pouches and pockets. Includes a padded, drop-down seat cushion for settling into your shooting position. It runs wide across the shoulders to support and balance weight. Blocker Outdoors’ entire lineup of Finisher Series is offered in Mossy Oak Bottomland. MSRP $99.99. For more info:

Royal Guard 2.0

Galco Gunleather

Galco’s Royal Guard 2.0 is now available for the GLOCK 43X with and without red dot sights. Made of premium horsehide, the Royal Guard 2.0 has the rough side of the leather out for greater stability in the pants, with the smooth side of the leather against the handgun for a slicker draw feel. The holster features a butt-forward cant, a raised sweat guard and a metal-reinforced mouth. MSRP: $209. For more info: (800) 874-2526,

Pistol Practice, The 4 Volume eLearning Course

Pistol Practice

Pistol Practice, The 4 Volume eLearning Course covers fundamentals, skill development, challenges, coaching and includes helpful demonstrations for shooting improvement. Each volume runs about 45 minutes and comes with a printable PDF of targets and score sheets. The four volumes can be purchased individually or as a complete set. The eLearning course is based on the book Pistol Practice, The Shooting Range Guidebook. For more info: (617) 510-1941,

Sunset Series Trapper

American Buffalo Knife and Tool Co.

American Buffalo Knife and Tool Co. expands its line of Roper Knives with the Sunset Series Trapper. The vintage trapper style knife sports a pair of 1065 carbon steel blades with brass liners. Measuring 4.125″ when closed, the Sunset Series Trapper is finished with a colorful, unique Western stylized handle. MSRP: $29.99. For more info: (423) 337-7423,

Lead Base Guards

Northern Precision

The Lead Base Guard design features a lead bullet with a bore-cleaning disk attached firmly to the base by means of a perfectly centered rivet, formed from the bullet material itself. The Base Guard bullet can be fired nearly as fast as a jacketed one, without fouling the bore. In fact, it helps clean the bore on every shot by scraping out previous fouling. Available in both .429 and .458 caliber. MSRP: $20 for 50 bullets. For more info: (315) 955-8679,

Waypoint 400

Waypoint 400

Streamlight, Inc.

The Waypoint 400 is an updated model of Streamlight’s Waypoint  300. The new version of the rechargeable pistol-grip spotlight offers up to 1,400 lumens of ultra-bright white light with 400,000 candela and a beam distance of 1,265 meters for enhanced down-range lighting capability. The portable light can be used either as a handheld mobile searchlight or as a hands-free scene light to illuminate an area. MSRP: $240.67. For more info: (800) 523-7488,

Operator 1911

Springfield Armory

The Operator 1911 in 9mm delivers a cutting-edge, tactical-grade pistol. Tactical Rack rear/tritium front sights, G10 grips, ambi safety, two 9-round magazines with bumper pads, forward cocking serrations and more combine to make the Operator 1911 from Springfield Armory a must-have for self-defense. It’s a no-nonsense, defensive-grade pistol in 9mm that’s ready to serve. MSRP: $1,184. For more info: (800) 680-6866,

Range Dynamics Subsonic 5.7x28mm Ammo


Fiocchi announced the availability of its latest cartridge — the Range Dynamics Subsonic 5.7x28mm Ammo. Sporting a 62-grain FMJ bullet, the Range Dynamics Subsonic is the ideal option for high-volume suppressed or unsuppressed fun on the range. Available in 50-round boxes, Range Dynamics Subsonic is ideal for personal defense carbine training and semi-auto pistol use. MSRP: About $57.99 per box of 50. For more info: (417) 725-4118,


Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives has come up with the first OTF auto: the Livewire. It has a 3.3″ CPM 20CV blade with a stonewashed finish, a black-anodized aluminum handle and a curved, staircase-like release button. Overall length is 8.1″; closed length is 4.8″. MSRP: $304. For more info: (800) 325-2891,

Skyweight Utility Chest Pack

5.11 Tactical

The Skyweight Utility Chest Pack provide lightweight, compact and versatile load-bearing options that can be used as waist packs as well as chest packs. Their unique designs feature removable chest harnesses and rear pass-through ports that allow users to choose either configuration. The 330-denier ripstop nylon construction provides durability. The pack is part of the Skyweight Collection offering a full-range of load-bearing solutions and products. MSRP: $60. For more info: (866) 451-1726,

Papa Delta

TOPS Knives

The Papa Delta was designed for those that need lightweight, easily concealable options. This knife will disappear — under clothing, on a belt or in a pocket — but it will be ready when needed. With an OAL of 5.88″, this knife is the ideal concealed carry knife. The Papa Delta has a 1.63″ skeletonized 1095 blade with Midnight Bronze Cerakote and includes a low-profile Kydex sheath. MSRP: $150. For more info: (208) 542-0113,

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