Shadow Philosophy

The CZ Shadow 2 OR is purpose-designed for competition. We’ve all seen the videos of Rob Leatham killing steel plates at warp speed, Jerry Miculek popping balloons at a thousand yards with a slingshot, and Keanu Reeves training for his next John Wick film alongside half a dozen scantily clad Hollywood range bunnies. Those guys clearly aren’t human. Out here where the normal folk reside, however, shooting competitions are a great way to refine your skill at arms. While precious few of us will be called upon to abandon our day jobs and HALO into the Hindu Kush to rescue hot supermodels, being able to run a gun accurately and well remains the birthright of the free American.

A proper competition pistol is designed to be run, not carried. For these applications, having a portly front-heavy handgun is actually a boon rather than a detriment. You typically won’t have to tote your competition pistol much farther than the shooting bench.

A competition handgun needs a slightly abrasive grip, uncompromising reliability, and a trigger that is to die for. It doesn’t have to be lightweight, compact or concealable. Interestingly, the same attributes that make for an awesome competition gun also produce the perfect home defense weapon.