The Ticking Time Bomb


The sheer number and reach of bills attacking your right to arms, all introduced by the leftist party of socialists at the state and federal level, may be the single biggest threat to freedom this nation has ever faced. One of the wisest men on radio, Dennis Prager, has said, “Democrats have become a completely destructive force in America.” I believe he’s right.

Solidifying the point, Ray Sweeney, a highly decorated Marine, who among other things in his long illustrious career has served as an honor guard at the White House, observed, “Democrats have rejected our system of government.” They keep up the face, but their actions and mindset abandon the principles ensconced in our system and fabric.

The ACLU, from its inception a left-wing organization pretending to be a neutral purveyor of American rights, states flatly at the top of their latest fund-raising mailer, “So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we’ll be called a democracy.” Anyone educated knows America’s Founders detested democracy with its limitless power, and gave us instead a Republic, with rule of law and limits provided by a Constitution.
Bills the left has passed in the House of Representatives, if enacted, would eventually destroy this country and the entire firearms industry — if people who concocted those horrific proposals ever gained power needed to enact them.

This is not theory. The bills await Senate votes. Republicans desperately forced through the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act, to forestall end-run attempts to shutter the firearms business, led by the left under a guise of law. Leftists no longer make a secret of it, or deny it, or play games with words. One of them declared we’re taking your guns. None of them disagreed.

To listen to their presidential candidates you have to wonder in what country they’re running for office. Their plans flatly violate our Constitution — how can they swear the oath to preserve, protect and defend it? They cannot. The central theme for “free stuff” exceeds any power they will be delegated. In this land, you earn your own way and pay for yourself.


If college is free, who pays for the lights and professors? If food is free, who pays the farmers? When debts you run up — money you spent and owe — are erased, how do people you ripped off get remunerated? If your guns are confiscated, how will you prevent armed agents from taking your stuff so other people can have it “for free?” You never thought about that — but they did. Isn’t your gun supposed to protect itself from confiscation? If someone “red flags” you because, “armed people are dangerous!” then what?

Missing from the rhetoric are plans to address crime. Look closely — each proposal directly addresses you and guns you legally own. Focus on crime is missing! Taking a gun you legally bought, possess and own is infringement, by definition. This no longer matters to the party Prager identifies as the tremendous threat — the one believing it can vote away civil rights.

All enemies foreign and domestic has new significance, because we have met the domestic enemy and “they is us.” While Congress dithers and struts falsely about non-existent collusion, ignoring a true foreign enemy, they fail to sufficiently address this obvious threat, Rooskies at our necks and armed criminals already on our streets.

Focused Attacks

The legislative calendar should be bursting with attacks on Russia. Instead, politicians attack plastic that can make regular rifles achieve burst fire, just like shoelaces can. The way the bump-stock bill is written, a future administration can arbitrarily outlaw any semi-automatic firearm it wishes to, even pistols. But it won’t have to. Because the so-called assault-gun law is already drafted to outlaw anything with a magazine and a grip. I kid you not. I read these bills. They banned rifles with pistol grips, then defined pistol grips as anything that functions as a grip 11 pages later (and included shotguns and sidearms). These people have no honor.

Only two things prevent their nefarious action — they only control one house of Congress (a brilliant distribution of power built in by our Founders). And they don’t control the signature needed to make bills law.

Where are bills that would train citizens in the decent and righteous use of firearms? When we were younger, bills weren’t even needed to have high-school marksmanship teams with ranges in the basement. We are so far removed from such proper and useful law it’s hard to even conceive.
And the media, need we even go there? Most are so far socialist-supporting left-wing traitorous censors themselves, we have a new third-rail of politics. They will not even mention anything gun unless it’s related to crime or denigrating arms.

We have long past the point where hot civil war only approaches the radar. Communist Chinese generals lament the fact they never got experience in blood-and-steel battle of “the old days.” Today, in what they call “Unrestricted Warfare,” (read their book) war is fought on 40 fronts, none of which involve firing. Battles today are for the hearts and minds of populations. You win these wars on TV, in schools, on paper in legislatures, in debates over dinner (if the subjects can even arise, in true Orwellian thought-control style). Your arms remain carefully greased, preserved, perhaps transported to the range for practice, never to be used for their intended purpose — the defense of freedom against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at

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