Elect Me And I’ll Enslave You

In fact, you cannot legitimately qualify to take the office of the Presidency on such a position. Why? Because you must swear an oath to ascend to that office. An oath is a solemn, meaningful pledge to the people you will represent. Taking an oath under false pretense, or with purpose of deception, is the most grievous, duplicitous, evil thing a person can do. You cannot legitimately take office that way. It completely disqualifies you from any sense of legitimacy.

It means you are a fraud and could literally be expelled in an uprising for doing so. It would be like saying, with the sugar-coating stripped from your words, “Elect me and I will enslave you.” That’s grounds for revolution or civil war, it really is. Happens the world over, all the time. People who enslave other people open themselves up to and are subject to removal from office by the harshest means.