Speedloading Handguns Takes Skill

From the July/August 1982 Issue

Thumbing (electronically) through the July/August 1982 issue...

…of American Handgunner, the editor’s note at the end of the “Speedloading Handguns Takes Skill” article by Masaad Ayoob caught my eye:

Editor’s note: Speedloaders are not new. They were offered by Colt for its New Navy .38 — in 1889. Made of wood, they are extremely rare today.

Intrigued, I opened up to the beginning of the article and dug in…

Here's how the article starts:

Whether you’re using your handgun in the game fields or packing it in a Sam Browne belt, the odds are that when the situation you brought the gun for oc­curs, you won’t have to reload it until everything’s all over. Of course, it’s a good idea to hedge your bet in case the odds are against you, by knowing how to make your empty gun full again, quickly. And if you shoot in any kind of combat pistol match, quick reloading is an essential skill. Let’s start with the double-action re­volver. The first thing to do is dump the empties, then position the piece so you can fill the chambers one or two at a time, or six at once with a speedloader.

Read the rest of Ayoob’s article in the pages below. Or, catch the whole issue here: American Handgunner, July/August 1982. Enjoy!